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We ski a lot. In fact just about every chance we get.

Over the years, the sore shoulders from carrying skis, the bruises from where we'd lost our balance on slippery footing becuase we couldn't use our arms for balance, the decapitated fellow-skiers from where we'd turned around too fast, it all just got to us. Having to balance the skis on our shoulders became the worst part of any ski trip.

There had to be a better way to carry our skis. An easier way. A way that left our hands free to carry our cup of coffee, or romatically hold hands with our significantly better halves (And if you're using a SkiSling, you can do both at the same time - how cool is that!). The tipping point came when we watched our young son slip and fall on an icy staircase. He couldn't hold the handrail, and we couldn't help him, as we were all weighed down by the cumbersome skis on our shoulders.

Out of this frustration, the SkiSling ski carrier was born. From the first hand-stitched prototypes to the polished article you find on our website today, has been quite a journey for us. We think the journey was worth it. We're sure you will think so too, from the first time you make use of your new SkiSling ski carrier.

We're also dedicated to quality. That's why each and every SkiSling ski carrier is fully manufactured in New Zealand - even our webbing is custom woven for us, right here in Aotearoa (That's Maori, and means "The Land of the Long White Cloud" - New Zealand). This is something that will never change, as we don't believe in sacrificing quality for profit.

Enjoy having an easier life on the slopes!



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Made in New Zealand

Every SkiSling ski carrier is 100% made in New Zealand. We know our customers want the best quality, so we wouldn't have it any other way.

We don't keep them to ourselves, however; we're happy to send you a SkiSling ski carrier wherever you are in the world.
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